Wellness digital marketing made simple

Get out of overwhelm and ease into your marketing success

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Digital marketing designed for the wellness professional

Are you wondering why marketing your business is so difficult? It's not you--because you're a smart person. Marketing really is hard. So why hasn’t anyone invented a better way?

We asked the same question. 

We designed the Marketing Micro-project™️ to deliver the flexibility of small-scale marketing services with the power of vetted information and accurate business intelligence. Fast, simple and affordable research-driven marketing solutions created for wellness experts who don’t have time for business school. 

You built your business to help others. Now let us help you.

One-size-fits-all marketing doesn't work.

Finding resources you can trust is time-consuming and frustrating. And the cost? Effective marketing is expensive and inexpensive marketing unreliable. 

That’s why we customize all of our Marketing Micro-projects™ for the needs of your business.

You need a website checked out and the headlines redone for higher conversions? We got that. Just need 3 emails you can use as a base to send your customers? We got that too. 

Small in scope but mighty in impact–marketing solutions made just for you.

The marketing agency you are supposed to outgrow

We keep all of your projects and customer research in a “virtual binder” that you can use anytime and anywhere. The next time you need marketing help? We already have the information needed to deliver your solution fast. What else? You don’t need to explain everything all over again to someone new because our team works together. Our efficiency saves you time. 

But that’s not the best part. 

Think of the Virtual Binder™ as the patient records in our medical marketing practice. Your research, your data, and your micro-projects belong to you. If you want to work with us again? Great! We have what we need. Time to move on to another agency? No problem! Take your virtual binder to where you need to go next. It’s yours! 

Finally marketing you can rely on.

  • Founded by someone who cares

    Founded by someone who saw one small business struggle because they didn't have the right marketing--and never wants to see that happen again.

    Our founder and team lead is an M.B.A. and certified Design Thinking professional. Service, innovation and concrete knowledge are baked into everything we do. The Marketing Micro-project™️–the easiest way to get marketing that’s tailored to your small business. 

  • Meet marketers that talk to you like a human

    You deserve so much better than icky marketers who talk down at  you. 

    You can make more revenue without knowing everything about marketing–because you just need the right marketing for you. You are the expert on your business.

    Every new client relationship starts with the right marketing. Every reliable piece of marketing comes from expert marketers.

  • Who are the Team Seva Experts?

    Marketing certificates? ✅
    Teaching degrees? ✅
    MBAs? ✅
    PhDs? ✅

    Even better?

    We use them to turn your marketing into greater revenue for your business and marketing skill for you.

    We aren't your typical freelancers. We're a curated team of train copywriters who'll always have your back.

  • The SEVA Method™ Questions

    Every Marketing Micro-project™️ is filtered through the SEVA Method™️ questions to ensure your micro-project is moving your marketing strategy forward.

    Are we engaging with our customers as storytellers?

    Do we have empathy for our customers??

    Have we validated our research?

    What analysis is needed to determine effectiveness?

Never waste your time again on marketing solutions that weren't made just for you.

How it works
Marketing Micro-project™️

Buy the Marketing Micro-project™ service you need directly in our store. Once we confirm that the micro-project is right for you and you'll get the results you need, we get started solving your marketing problem.

Questions? We have answers.

We work together

Your Marketing Micro-project™️ is completed by our experienced team with your input. Our micro-projects include a report with your industry analysis so you know current trends in marketing.

How do we work together?

Comprehensive plan

Your Marketing Micro-projects™️ with all of your research and analysis become your Virtual Binder™️--a flexible marketing plan and workspace that grows with you--even to your next agency.

Curious about the Virtual Binder™?

Questioning your digital marketing?

Need more information about which Marketing Micro-project is best for you? Schedule a no-obligation 15 minute call with our founder, Paula.
She'd love to hear from you.