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The Business RX Marketing Micro-project™️

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I need a small business digital marketing consultant to answer my questions! 

We have small business digital marketing question answers. Introducing the marketing consultant you need. 

Hey there! Marketing making you sick?? Don't worry, the doctor is in! 

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your marketing strategies? (Or lack of a marketing strategy? No judgement--we've seen it all!) Look no further - the Business RX Marketing Micro-project™️ is here to help!  Small business marketing can make you feel sick, and we are the doctor (ahem, consultant) to give you the prescription you need. 💊

Lucy and Snoopy from the The Peanuts and the "doctor is in" stand

Digital marketing consulting is expensive, and finding the right digital marketer to meet your business needs can be time-consuming, so we decided to build something different. We are the inventors of the Marketing Micro-project™️, a powerful solution to build a sustainable marketing plan within your marketing budget one step a time. Our experienced digital marketing consultants, a.k.a Team Seva, go beyond best practices to create a custom digital marketing solution for your business challenges. Our approach to digital marketing puts you in control by teaching you the skills and tools that work best for your business.

But wait?!? Why is this called Business RX Marketing Micro-project™️ when it's about marketing? 

Excellent question! You are the smart one. 🧐

Marketing is the engine of your small business car and consists of 4 critical parts:

  1. Product: what you sell. 
  2. Placement: where you sell it. 
  3. Price: how much you charge for the thing you sell
  4. Promotion: all of the things that go into communicate with your customer

Most small business owners only think that promotion is marketing, but that isn't true. All of the parts of your marketing engine need to work together, or your car won't go anywhere. This is why it's a Business RX and why Seva Digital is different from other digital marketing agencies. We look at all 4 aspects of your marketing to see what's going on to diagnose conflicts and give you the RX for business health.  

Your small business is unique, and you need the right marketing for your business, not just another template or audit. The Virtual Binder ™️, our innovative platform combines best internet marketing solutions tailored to you and learning opportunities so you can market your small business. And that's not all! As you add micro-projects to your binder, you will be creating an actionable marketing and digital content marketing strategy to grow your small business with the right marketing plan for you. 🎯

Welcome to Seva Digital, the best small business marketing agency designed specifically for small business owners like you!

Now on to the digital marketing questions and answers! Have you ever thought...

  • My email marketing is painful?
  • I'm so sore from content marketing?
  • My online marketing giving me a headache and where do I even begin to start fixing my digital marketing strategies?
  • Are all of the digital demands on my time causing my digital marketing efforts to look, well, sick? 
  • How do I know where to monitor my marketing activities to see if they work? 

You can use this Marketing Micro-project™️ to look at...

✅ Your marketing channels
✅ Search engine marketing 
✅ Email marketing campaigns
✅ Website copy
✅ Your entire marketing strategy

In this awesome Business RX Marketing Micro-project™️, it's all about questions and answers. You get...

  1. 45 minute recorded zoom call, where we delve into the heart of your marketing challenges, answering your questions and identifying one problem area.
  2. Your Seva Digital Playbook, a nifty little document includes a recap of our conversation, along with any questions and worries you have
  3. Digital marketing tactics that are right for your situation
  4. Advice on next steps with suggested measurement metrics and marketing analytics aligned with your business and marketing goals
  5. Plus, we'll throw in some suggested digital marketing tools to make your life even easier.
  6. Wellness industry digital marketing trends to keep you ahead of the game.
  7. Your marketing "healthcare" records stored in our online Virtual Binder™️, where you can easily access your developing digital marketing plan and track your progress
  8. Recommended next steps with our propriety SEVA Analysis™️

But we don't stop there. We offer 3 months of access to our public Slack channel, where you can ask all your burning digital marketing questions and get support from our community of marketing experts. Get the Marketing Medicine Marketing Micro-project™️ today and take your wellness marketing to the next level!

Help your business and hire the marketing doctor to help you grow your business with digital marketing services designed for you. Choose the best digital marketing agency for small business and get answers to your questions today.

Good for business owners who are not seeing the results they need from their digital marketing and are frustrated because they can't get answers to their questions. 

 Delivered in 5 days, because we know your business can't wait.

Be well, sell well. Fast, simple and affordable digital marketing for the wellness industry. 🍎