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Headline Help Marketing Micro-project™

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Have you ever asked, "What should I write for a headline?"

If you have ever written an email, a blog, a landing page or a social media post, you've written a headline. Your headline is like the MVP of your content. It's the first thing your potential reader sees. It guides them to a click.

Introducing the Headline Help Marketing Micro-project™! It's the ultimate tool for website conversions. Reaching your target audience like never before!

A headline is like the gatekeeper of your website. It's the first thing that pops up on search engines. It's the VIP ticket to your customer's journey throughout your copy to sell your product. Your headline is what converts a casual browser into an engaged reader. It can be the make-or-break moment if the prospect doesn't see themselves on the page. Headlines are the are the heavy-lifters of your copy. How strong are yours?

The reader wants the information they need


GIF of a Team Seva member presenting headlines in a loom video.

Our Team Seva Headline experts will show you how to use your new headline copy like a pro.

This Marketing Micro-project ™ combines voice-of-customer data with expert skills to deliver outstanding results. What is voice-or-customer data (VOC*)? It's the research that tells us in your customer's own words what they actually want and need.

We gather feedback from surveys, testimonials, and support messages from your customers. We find out what they are thinking and how to talk to them in their language. Customer empathy is everything! It's our job to understand their frustrations, desires, and motivations.

We use the voice-of-customer data to craft headlines to move your customers and clients to yes. We know what a great headline is. We'll ensure yours are the bold, attention-grabbing headlines that your visitors actually read. 

Our Team Seva Headline experts will show you how to use your new headline copy like a pro.

Why use a premium headline copywriting service?


You can get a good headline from a freelance copywriter. What makes Team Seva different? We, as skilled and experienced writers, create persuasive and engaging copy.

You can get a good headline from a freelance copywriter. What makes Team Seva different? Our niche is micro-marketing and it's all we do. Micro-marketing is addressing one small thing for a big lift in conversions. we use the Copy Hackers™ "Master of Headlines" method. We will explain why we picked the best headlines and give you useful insights on how effective they are.  

But that's not all! We'll tell you how to use the other copy to generate other copy too. You can use it in your blog posts, social media, and even your podcast! We'll even show you how to use your copy AI tools, too.

We also provide industry conversion statistics and digital marketing trends. Once the project is complete, we use the SEVA Promise™ to ensure your your continued success.

But wait, there's more! You get a video walkthrough showing you how to put in place our recommendations. You will get 3 months of access to our public Slack channel for ongoing support.

Learn from the best! You'll watch your video again and again. 

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to transform your marketing strategy. Grab the Headline Help Marketing Micro-project™ now and watch your conversions soar! 

(Need to ask a question about the Headline Help Marketing Micro-project™? Schedule a 15 minute call with Paula. She'd love to hear from you.)

What you receive in the Headline Help Marketing Micro-project: 

 Your Seva Digital playbook includes: 

  1. Voice of Customer* analysis

  2. Four hero section headlines using Copy Hackers “Master of Headlines” method. We include copy you can also use in your other digital marketing.

  3. Industry conversion metrics and how to track yours

  4. Industry digital marketing trends

  5. Seed words and tips on how to use AI generator copywriting tools, including SEO keywords to try

  6. Recommended next steps with our proprietary SEVA Analysis™

Also included:

  • Loom video from your Team Seva member to explain it all

  • Get a 3-month membership in our Seva Digital public Slack channel. You can ask us anything about digital marketing.

  • You can access all your information in the Virtual Binder™️ and use it as you wish.

This is good for businesses concerned about their web pages and conversions. It's also helpful for busy entrepreneurs who don't have time for DIY.. 

Delivered in 5 days, because we know your business can't wait.

*Voice of Customer (VOC) data is the research that tells us how your customer thinks and feels. Using their words is a powerful tool in copywriting and the base for customer conversion.