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You want fast, simple and affordable

You have ideas – what you don’t have is time. 

You don’t have time for the constant pitches that keep you from really important work. Supporting your clients. Venders that need to be paid. Staff you love…even when they drive you crazy. You want more time, more money and the business to operate smoother. You don’t want to stay up all night looking for information you can trust and is not full of buzzwords. You are really desperate for good marketing that doesn’t break the bank, you can execute fast and doesn’t take you all damn day to get done. 

You can’t spend hours, or sometimes days, researching marketing solutions. You hire someone to do the job, and then the next person, and before you know it you have to say goodbye to everything you did before because nothing works together. 

Doing the right thing is our thing

We may move fast, but effective marketing moves slowly. Like micro-projects, a good marketing program is all about taking the small–but focused– baby steps towards real growth. This is why we provide you with industry conversion statistics so you understand how to gauge your progress.

Marketing is both a science and an art. Our job is to make you money and we take that very seriously.

If after 60 days you are concerned that your micro-project is not performing as expected, let us know. We’ll look at the data and either re-do your micro-project or give you your money back. Simple. There are a few details, so see our refunds page for more information. 

Any questions? Email us at team@sevadigital.com 

Built for small business by people who understand business

The founder has an M.B.A who understands the business environment and how business works.  The comprehensive view of your business is key to getting your marketing right – and what other copywriters often miss. We include industry data and customer trends in your marketing micro-project. We know that margins are everything and we won’t suggest a solution unless we are confident you will make more money. 

What else is key? The badass collection of copywriters, SEO and marketing experts we call Team Seva. Our pros are verified and credentials checked to ensure you are working with the best. with us again? Great! We have what we need. Time to move on to another agency? No problem! Take your virtual binder to where you need to go next. It’s yours! 

Still have questions? Schedule a no-obligation 15 minute call and get answers.

Get an M.B.A.? Not my thing. Never.

I had a plan and marketing was not it. I was a design thinking practitioner who worked in international development, not business.

It is the radical way design thinking opens your eyes that forced me to understand I had it wrong. 

Real social and economic change comes from economic development at the personal level. This realization changed my life. It became my seva. 

I saw small businesses change the world, and I wanted to be there. 

And then I did the unexpected - I went to graduate school for business and innovation. I used my design thinking experience to innovate and create a new way to meet small businesses marketing challenges.

Seva Digital was designed for small businesses owners to solve their marketing problems and boost their confidence by mastering marketing.

Changing the world on entrepreneur at a time. 

Paula McConnell
Seva Digital Founder

Our AI Guiding Principles

The SEVA Promise™️ depends on the creativity and expertise of our people. We pledge to follow these principles to ensure that AI will always support, but never become, the work of Seva Digital.

  • Data Is Not Truth

    We understand that although AI-generated information might be one way to begin research, we know that all information needs to be verified by a human.

  • Creativity

    AI can be a great starting point for inspiration, but will not replace the creative work of our team. We acknowledge and respect the work of others and copyright.

  • Transparency

    We aim to be efficient and use technology to keep our Marketing Micro-projects™️ valuable and affordable. We will always disclose when and where we use AI tools.

  • Question

    As AI tools mature, we will continue to question how we will use the technology and if it benefits the people we serve. We strive to be a trusted source of AI information for others.

Doing good by doing well

Seva means devoted service, and we take that very seriously to give our best for you. Since seva is also interpreted as charitable giving, we think that is pretty important too.

We use Daily Karma to support two organizations that mean a lot to us, and hope you'll consider adding $3.00 to your purchase to "take it to zero." For every dollar donated, we'll match a dollar. For more information on the organizations we have chosen, visit the Veteran's Yoga Project and Defy Ventures websites.

Check out the organizations, and then add $3 at check out to help others. We are inspired by the resilience of small business owners, and hope you'll be inspired by supporting resilience in others.