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The Marketing Micro-project™ Store

See how a Marketing Micro-project™ can make your life simpler, save time and respect your budget so you can make more money.
Introducing the best small business marketing services that deliver exactly what you need when you need them. 
Small in scope but mighty in impact--we call them Marketing Micro-projects™. You need a website checked out and the headlines redone for higher conversions? We got that. Just need 3 emails you can use as a base to send your customers? We got that too. 

Your headlines, crossheads and buttons guide your visitor through your website.

You don’t need a high priced marketing project that will take months to finish. You need an agency built on an automated e-commerce platform that can deliver your micro-project in days not weeks. And because we are built for speed and scale? Our marketing solutions are affordable so you can grow your business within your budget.

We understand that you have other important things to do with your time...

...so we designed a system that is simple and is ready when you are. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3... 

 Step 1: Choose the Marketing Micro-project that you need in our e-commerce store. Not sure where to begin? Email us at team@sevadigital.com or book a 15 minute consultation with one of our experts. We would love to talk with you. 
Step 2: Your order is not processed until we verify the micro-project fits you needs. Is it a good fit for your business goals right now? We’ll get started. If not? We’ll guide you to a different micro-project that will give you the results you need. Not interested? We’ll refund your order. 
Step 3: You are connected with a Team Seva member and the work on your Marketing Micro-project™️ begins. Get your focused and personalized marketing solution in 10 days or less.
Get back to what you do best and we’ll do the rest. 

Need a Marketing Micro-project™️ that isn't listed here? We will be rolling out new micro-projects through 2023 as we learn how to better help you. Follow our Instagram for new Marketing Micro-project™️ announcements and special deals. Have a great idea? Let us know!

Coming soon: 
  • The 3 Facebook Ads Marketing Micro-project™️
  • One Blog post SEO Optimization Marketing Micro-project™
In development:
  • It's all about the Job; Jobs to Be Done research for precision customer knowledge
  • Let's Journey Together; understanding and optimizing your customer
  • Bios, Bios, Bios: Long, medium and short bios for your profiles, speaker pages, book jackets and so much more
  • Text Me Sell Me; SMS marketing for the wellness professional 
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